Discover the Delicate Floral Jacquard at Fabric Lab in Fitzroy, Melbourne

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Discover the Delicate Floral Jacquard at Fabric Lab in Fitzroy, Melbourne

Are you on the lookout for unique and quality fabrics in Fitzroy, Melbourne? Your search ends at Fabric Lab, where we take pride in offering a diverse range of exquisite fabrics. Our latest addition, the "Delicate Floral Jacquard" is a true epitome of elegance and sophistication.

Delicate Floral Jacquard

Why Choose Our Delicate Floral Jacquard?

  1. Unique Design: Adorned with delicate blue flowers, our jacquard fabric stands out for its unique and eye-catching design.

  2. Medium Weight Opaqueness: Strike the perfect balance between elegance and comfort with our medium-weight, opaque jacquard fabric.

  3. Soft Upholstery Handle: Experience a luxurious feel with the soft and gentle upholstery handle of our fabric.

  4. Structured Drape: Achieve the ideal look with the fabric's good structured drape that enhances the overall aesthetic.

  5. Weft Direction Stretch: Enjoy flexibility and comfort with a subtle stretch in the weft direction, ensuring a perfect fit for your creations.

  6. Composition: Crafted from a blend of 50% Polyester and 50% Cotton, our fabric combines the best of both materials for durability and comfort.

  7. Italian Origin: Immerse yourself in the heritage of Italian craftsmanship as our Delicate Floral Jacquard fabric comes straight from Italy.

Shop online now or visiting our store at 147 Brunswick St Fitzroy Melbourne – let's make your fashion dreams a reality!

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