Introducing Crinkle Motif Double Weave Fabric in Fabric Lab

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Introducing Crinkle Motif Double Weave Fabric in Fabric Lab

Discover the perfect blend of quality and style with Fabric Lab's Crinkle Motif Double Weave fabric! This fabric offers a unique combination of comfort and elegance, featuring a subtle texture and available in 8 attractive colours.

Key Features:

  • Texture and Detail: The Crinkle Motif Double Weave fabric boasts a delicate texture.

  • Balanced Weight: This medium-weight fabric offers comfort without compromising quality, making it perfect for a range of creations.

  • Weft-Stretch: Providing good structured drape and comfortable stretch in the weft direction with a textured handle. 

  • Variety of Colours: Choose from 8 versatile colours.
  • Quality Blend: Our fabric combines polyester and spandex for a soft yet durable blend that stands the test of time.

  • Attention to Quality: At Fabric Lab, we meticulously curate fabrics to meet the highest standards, ensuring the Crinkle Motif Double Weave fabric's excellence. 

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